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Our history

Inclusion London was founded in October 2008, following a detailed process of consultation with Deaf and disabled people in London. The consultation recognised that at that time there was no single organisation able to provide services at a London-wide level for London’s disabled and Deaf people’s groups.

A consultation event with Deaf and disabled people was held in June 2006. Seventy organisations attended and those present identified strategic policy and capacity building support as priorities for disability groups in London. It was agreed that an organisation should be created, run by disabled and Deaf people for disabled and Deaf people.

The ensuing consultation process also researched the profile and views of Deaf and disabled Londoners, issued a consultation report and produced a final report which responded to the consultation and set out a way forward. You can download the reports below.

Download A London-wide organisation of disabled people-consultation report November 2007

Inclusion London’s development follows the recommendations in the final report, which summarised the consultation’s findings and set out steps for moving forward to the creation of a London-wide Deaf and disability equality organisation.

Inclusion London is a Charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered Charity number 1157376.  Information on the staff team and board members can be found on the Our Team page and you can get in touch with us on Contact Us page.

Registered office and place of business at 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA