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Respond to Personal Independence Payment: assessment thresholds consultation - deadline 30 April

An important consultation on the second draft of the assessment criteria for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) by the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) is taking place till the end of April.


This consultation is crucial now the Welfare reforms have passed into law and Disability Living Allowance will be replaced by PIP.  There major differences between DLA and PIP which will hit many disabled people hard, particularly government’s intention to reduce the budget of DLA/PIP by 20%,  so many disabled people’s benefit will be reduced or cut entirely.

The consultation has a particular focus on:

  • the changes that have been made since the first draft
  • the proposed ‘descriptor weightings’
  • entitlement thresholds and the draft regulations.

It is important that as many disabled people as possible respond to the consultation so please pass this information on. The details of the proposed criteria and the consultation are complex, to make it easier ‘Spartacus responsible reform’ is providing simple guidance and unofficial user-friendly documents, these documents are at:

More information about ‘Spartacus responsible reform’ which published a report on their analysis of the 500 responses to government’s DLA reform is available at

The government documents, details of the consultation and where to send the response can be found at:

Inclusion London’s response to the initial DLA reform proposals is available on our Policy page. 

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