What future for equality duties?

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What future for equality duties?

Inclusion London responded to the government’s latest proposals for the public sector equality duties, saying why we are dismayed that the government is consulting yet again and why the proposals would be very bad for disabled people.

The government only closed a consultation on the equality duties in November. It published its draft regulations in January this year. Then it published different regulations in March, just two months later. The latest proposals reverse its own January proposals – although no new evidence was given to explain the change. It appears that since January there has been a shift in policy in government with an even more hostile attitude to equality rights and legislation adopted.

The new regulations would: make public bodies less transparent and accountable; be too vague to help ensure compliance with the general public sector equality duty; encourage a greater reliance on litigation rather than constructive dialogue; get rid of the duty to involve and thereby ignore all the evidence about the value of involvement; be less likely to support and encourage evidence-based policy making; be regressive.

Inclusion London responded to the government’s policy paper and draft regulations. The closing date for responses was 21 April. You can download a copy of Inclusion London’s response from the right hand column.